Being a Squirrel

Every week, Squirrels will gather to grow and learn their way through lots of different games and activities

Squirrels can achieve anything they set their minds to – and they have lots of fun along the way.

The one hour sessions will be a brilliant opportunity for young people to take their first step into being part of Scouts, and they’ll help everyone get ready for the adventure of school too.

Sessions will be packed with outdoors activities, fun, games, badges, laughter, and so much more to help our youngest members learn the skills they need for life. Of course, none of it would be possible without the support of the amazing leaders who plan and deliver such an inspiring programme.


The Romsey 9th Squirrels meet every week during the school term on a Monday between 5.00pm and 6.00pm at the Scout hut and where possible, particularly in the spring and summer, activities and walks are organised at other locations.  We offer a balanced programme of fun games and activities.

When we are at the hut we will give the children a drink of water and a biscuit or two, to keep them going.

A programme is sent out at the beginning of each term detailing the activities and any specific permission for each of these activities.

Uniform and Badges

Squirrels wear a red jumper for the uniform as it’s so closely associated with the red squirrel animal, it’s highly visible to keep children safe, and the bright primary colour appeals to children of all genders.

During the course of your time in Squirrels many activities will work towards badges.   Badges are generally presented as they are earned, although sometimes there is a delay because we are away from the hut or we may need to purchase additional supplies.

It is our aim that every Squirrel earns a full set of badges over the two years they are with us.

Parent Help

Parents are welcome to stay and help any evening, we run a parent help rota, with at least one parent help each week. Walks and outdoor activities do need extra help, it can be a very pleasant way to unwind after a tough day, please join in.

If you have any particular skills that could help run an evening – cookery, knots, sport, botany, chemistry, astronomy, painting – anything that might be suitable for a session, then please come forward as we are committed to delivering an interesting and varied programme and any suggestions or help is greatly appreciated.

Joining 9th Romsey Squirrels

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