Administrative Procedures in the 9th Romsey (West Wellow) Scout Group

All leaders, administrators and executive (personnel) with access to personal data will be trained in Data Protection.  This will include reading this policy, it may include attending relevant other training.  Everyone with access to personal data must commit to comply fully with the policy and to raise any concerns with their line manager.

All personnel will only use the personal data of the 9th Romsey (West Wellow) Scout Group for the achievement of the charitable purposes and not for any other reason.  Personal data will only be accessed and processed as relevant to their role in the 9th Romsey (West Wellow) Scout Group.

The personal data must not be shared outside the 9th Romsey (West Wellow) Scout Group except in accordance with the specific conditions of this policy.

Personnel may process data on their home PC providing it is secure from possible unauthorised access.  PCs must be protected by firewall and internet security.

Data will only be placed on portable devices if the device is subject to passwording and encryption.

When a PC or portable device is disposed of then the data on the hard drive must be properly fully erased – not just deleted.

Data must be backed up regularly and securely.

Paper based files, including those held out of the home or scout office, must be kept securely.  Files must only be transported when essential and when the data security risk has been considered and management system put in place.

Updated December 2020